What is food?

Without going to the philosophical metaphor of mental or intellectual food, we may define food simply as a substance that can be eaten or drank by living beings to satisfy their appetite. Ordinarily, food comprises of five components, namely, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and water and all of them commonly contain vitamins. Food may be consumed for nutrition, to simply satisfy hunger, or even for pleasure.

Origin of food

Most food have their origin in plan or animals. While cereals, vegetables, fruits, leaf etc are plant products, meat, fish, eggs, milk etc are animal products among food. In the ancient ages man did not know the art of cooking and was mostly consuming uncooked plant or animal food. In course of time man came to know the use of fire and this helped them to take up cooking of food. We still consume some food like the fruits, grams, nuts etc uncooked. But the normal cuisine is constituted of cooked food only.

The science of food

Like many other things food also has its own science cultivated by scientists and experts. The science relating to food is called food science. The study of food practices and cooking preferences are called gastronomy.

Food cultures

Quite naturally, the use of food differ with geographical, cultural, and historical backgrounds. But mostly it is related to climate of an area. For example, rice is quite popular in Asian countries like China, India, Burma, Indonesia, and Bangladesh while western countries prefer Wheat as their main food. Countries having long coastlines prefer sea fish while those in the desert areas prefer meat and milk products. Almost every area has a cuisine specific to it.

The use of word food in English language –

The word food is often used metaphorically in English language. We often refer to terms as food for thought, intellectual food, food for imagination and so on. However, a layman will understand food as something to eat or drink only.


Ordinarily beverages refer to drinks we use. Normally, beverages refer to alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages refers to a drink that contains alcohol. Though consumption of alcoholic beverages is permissible in most countries there are also restrictions attached to sale and use of such beverages. Alcoholic beverages having more than 50% is considered to be inflammable beverages like Fiery Blue Mustang or Flemming Dr. Pepper.

History of beverages

The history of beverages dates back to prehistoric times and even in the ancient Vedas of Hindus, Bible and Quoran we find the mention of alcoholic beverages. In any celebration especially use of beverages have been common over the years and the use is more prominent in westernized parties. Here again, as in case of food the use and culture of beverages differ from place to place. Ordinarily, the beverages were used for relaxation, euphoric and recreational purposes and at times beverages were used for artistic inspiration. Manufacturing and use of beverages however differed from place to place. The Ram, Gin, and Whiskey of the western countries have their counterparts in the country liquors in the Eastern and African zones.