About Us

Internet has become the master of all the advertisement methods. The cost effective and one of the best advertisement medium. Ebusinessdir.com – A group of online business advertiser in Malbourne, Australia, presenting the business directory.

The mission of ebusinessdir is to help you, the business expert, find exactly what you are looking for. For this combine objective, ebusinessdir.com has been built up online business directory cum search engine where you can find all the online business through various categories.

A group of 15 Internet specialists with varied experience of 5 to 15 years is taking care of this online business directory. The vision behind this online business directory is to help you in finding all the related online web based business, you are looking for.

Ebusinessdir is expecting approximately 5000 to 7000 listing every month into this business directory that would be reaching approximately 90000 listing by the end of this year, which will be adding to its relevant sub categories. Above said figures are including our free & sponsored listings.

Advertisers are also invited to sponsor this business directory by sponsored listing, web listing and other type of paid inclusion in the business directory.

Ebusinessdir.com invited individuals also to add their own online business and web based services to the directory especially to the most appropriate categories of their web business.

EBD is dedicated to add the best quality web business to this business directory to serve you even better every time you visit this directory to search. We make you sure that this would be the one stop directory for all of your internet needs.

To make this business directory much better we requires your regular support and feedback.

Please write us and provide your expert comments.