Information about the Business directory staff members, who really devote their precious time in building the business directory and making this one of the favorite search engine for the web based investors.

To be clearer about the staff member of, we would like to start with top management.

Founder & Managing director – Tom Jatelly is the founder of the and acting as a managing directory of this business venture. He has vast experience in online advertisement and hence he has been traveling the world since 1968, attending the business meeting, seminars, and conferences, now he is well confident with the business model.

Managers – has 3 expert managers with the minimum 7 years industry experience in online & new media solutions to more than 500 customers worldwide. Sharp market knowledge & excellent industry experience helps them in making business strategy for business directory investors.

Technical – 15 expert IT professionals with minimum 3 year experience in their relevant technical field. The technical command has been given to them so that they can manage the complete online models without any problem. 24*7 technical expert are available to handle all your online enquiries related to advertisement on Business directory.

Research – 3 staff members have been appointed to serve the business directory in terms of tracking the internet visitors & search engine algorithm, and other research work that can really add value to this business directory advertising model to our sponsors.

Others – Others includes the junior staff members are again dedicated to business directory growth everytime.